With our All-Rounder you benefit from investments in pooled ETF funds, without having to buy individual assets.

A diversified portfolio

When it comes to investing, a broad-based portfolio can be key.

The All-Rounder tracks the performance of hand-picked funds, covering developed as well as emerging markets – and a small share of gold. The precious metal can stabilise a portfolio in turbulent times.

Time to pull savings out from under the mattress

With Nuri you can invest seamlessly from your account, without having to open a separate deposit account. Stay flexible and withdraw your money whenever you need it.

Your benefits at a glance

Easy start

Choose the amount you want to invest and get going – from as little as €5.

Curated by experts

We’re offering you a hand-picked selection to choose from – the final decision is yours.

Transparent fees

We charge an annual AUM fee of maximum 1%*.


Incoming salaries, payments and even your investments – all from one account and in one app.

In four steps to the first investment


Create an account

Open your free Nuri account and verify your identity via VideoIdent.


Select investments

Open the Nuri app and go to the “Wealth” tab. Now click on “Invest” at the top of the green information card. Then select the All-Rounder Pot.


Enter data

Enter your German tax number and follow the questionnaire about your investment experience.


Let’s go

That's it. Simply choose the amount you want to invest and you’re good to go.


Nuri Pots represent a fund of funds containing a collection of different ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and other investments. Each of them is hand-picked by experts following a specific theme. Diversifying this broadly can make Nuri Pots more stable during market fluctuations compared to investmenting in single stocks or ETFs. Therefore Nuri Pots make it easy for you to invest in the topics that matter to you – without having to build your own portfolio and learn about individual ETFs.

By investing in Nuri Pots you buy and sell security tokens. These security tokens act as a representation of your investment, safely delivered and stored on the blockchain and in compliance with applicable securities regulations. Therefore, they are officially approved securities in token form. These security tokens are issued by our partner, who invests them in the applicable fund of funds. This way the performance of the security tokens can track the performance and development of the underlying funds of funds. Thanks to this setup, you can invest in the Nuri Pots directly from your Nuri account – without having to open a separate securities account.

Nuri Pots are currently only available to customers having a German Tax ID. Taxes are deducted and paid automatically for each withdrawal and any dividend payments. Additionally, a tax statement will be made available to you at the end of the year.

As with any investment product, there is a small price difference between what you can buy and sell your investment for. We aim to keep this difference under 0,5% during market hours. On weekends and in the evenings this difference can be higher. Additionally annually a maximum of 1% of what you invested will be deducted in form of fees from the performance of the investment. This is called an AUM (Assets under Management) fee, and it covers the costs of the technical delivery of this product with our partners and provides us with a little profit to grow with.

The innovative setup of the Nuri Pots is made possible by a collaboration between Nuri and Bankhaus von der Heydt, an established German partner bank providing innovative financial solutions since 1754. Nuri also works with Bankhaus Scheich, the leading German trading platform on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and Tradias, the cutting-edge and regulated platform for digital assets.

Nuri Pots is not enabled by Solarisbank AG. Being Nuri's partner bank for the Nuri Bank Account, Solarisbank AG is only involved in the payment process for the buy and sell orders of Nuri Pots.

The All-Rounder Pot is available in the Nuri app.

Open a Nuri account and invest.

Nuri Pots is only available to German Tax ID holders.

Strong partners

The Nuri Pots are backed by Bankhaus von der Heydt, executed by Bankhaus Scheich and settled on tradias, a regulated platform for digital assets.

* As with any investment product, there is a small price difference between the price at which you buy and sell an investment. Our goal is to keep this difference below 0.5% during market hours.